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Civil Works | Kerala | TID: 11310956
1 Value: INR 96.69 Million (approx.) | Construction Of Two More Floors Above The Existing Three Storeyed Silver Jubilee Pareeksha Bhavan For M.G. University At Kottayam Including Water Supply, Sanitary Installations, Drainage, Internal Electrical Installations, Fire Alarm And Fire Fighting System, Passenger Lifts, Diesel Generator Set And AC Units. | Due on 02-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Security Services | Kerala | TID: 11309330
2 Value: INR 3 Lakh | Procurement Of Portable Air Humidity Conditioners. | Due on 08-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Education And Research Institute | Kerala | TID: 11243358
3 Supply of 1.5 Ton Split AC. | Due on 31-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Civil Works | Kerala | TID: 11303371
4 Replacing of 8.5tr outdoor unit and connected works for the package type ac unit at esi hospital, ezhukone. | Due on 31-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Kerala | TID: 11303989
5 Auction Sale of Miscellaneous Items -Used flask, Pillow, Switches, Door closer, Toilet Stand, Bathroom Fittings, Stiched curtains, Kettle used, Blanket used, Floor Mat, Kitchen towels, Mop, Tissues, Soap, Cot part, Glass tray, Show pieces used, Wooden Table, Plastic plates, 2 in 1 Blender, Travel Mug, Scissors set, Rice cooker, Helmet, Crockery, Dining Table used, Cot Part, Cushion used, Car sun film, Wire Roll, Blanket used, Car Horn, Curtain cloth, CDs, 3M audio cable, Audio connecting cable, Extension code(s), Telephone(Panasonic), Doll, Wall clock, Stiched curtain, Hand blender, Glass bowl set, Decoration light balls, LCD wall mount, Bread toaster used, Iron box, Ladies bag, Leather shoe, Mop, Used clothes, Kitchen utensils used, Paper shredder(s), Mixi old & used, Wine glass, Exhaust fan, Used cloth, Stove(Single burner), Sandwich maker used, Portable stand used, Rice cooker used, Washing Machine (Semi-auto) used & old, Rice cooker, Juicer used, Mixi used, Used computer monitor (CRT), Computer set used, Cupboard (Small) used, Bed (double), Bed(double), Bed(double), Bed(double), Sansui Home Theatre used, Microwave Oven used, Flask used, Chandliar` part, Table lamp used, Stiched curtain used, Washing Machine (West Point used), TV(JVC) 21 used, TV (Sony) 25 used, TV(LG) 29 used, Coffee Table, Sony Home Theatre used, Emergency light, Casserole, Pillow, Mixi used, DVD Player used, Blanket used, Crockery, Pillow, Baby carrier, RMG used, Iron Box used, Gas stove 4B, Wooden chair parts used, Weighing machine used, Crockery, Side Table, TV(Vinverth) 14 used, Ironing Table with cabin used, Microwave Oven (Mitsui) used, Used cloth, Crockery, Dust bin, Office Chair used, Used coffee maker, Mixi used, Computer keyboard used, Tube starter, Emergency light used and damaged, Toys used, Cleaning towel, Exhaust fan, Cup & saucer used, Washing machine(old & used) semi auto, Stiched curtain used, Portable Air Conditioner (old & used), Microwave oven(panasonic) used, Show piece, Ladies bag, Scientic calculator used, Phone card reel, Photoframe, Telephone used, Bowl, Chopper, Melamine bowl, Cooking Range (old and used), Kitchen utensils used, Washing machine (IFB) used and old, Ice box used, Door lock, Hinges, Drainage cap (Grating Steel), Paint, Ventilating fan, Fridge(Godrej) used 280 Ltr., Fridge(Super General) used 280 Ltr., Fridge(Venus) used 280 Ltr., Doll, Coffee Table, Carpet piece, Wooden Stand, Side Table used, Wall mount, Kitchen utensils used, Wall mount, Stiched curtains used, Bag, Jamo Home Theatre, Carpet piece, Tefal set, Cycle Pump used, Clock, Toys used, Fan Heater, Plastic Tray, Excerciser, Casserole used, Kettle used, Blanket used, Kitchen utensils used, Cup & saucer, Blanket used, Gas stove 3 B used, Fridge(venus) 300Ltr. Used, Wooden shelf(damaged), Washing machine (top load) used(LG), Prayer mat used, Crockery used, Toys used, Plastic bucket, LED torch used, Hangers used, Crockery used, Sandwich maker used, RMG, Juicer(Electa), Coffee table used, Cot part, Cot part, Cot part, Cot part, Cot part, Mop stick damaged, Sofa 3 seater used, Wooden shelf used, Bed (double) used, Bed (double) used, Bed (double) used, Bed (double) used, Cot base unit, Tools, Tool Box used, Iron box used and old, Knife set(s), Door lock(s), Mixi used and old, Kettle used and old, Curtain cloth, Photo frame(s), Candle set, Knife set, Vegetable pealer, Handle(Bathroom), Cooking bowl, Kitchen towel, Pepper salt set, Empty bottles, Crockery stand(s), Window Air conditioner used and old, Wooden draw used, Sattlite receiver used, Used cloths, Enamal Paint, Telephone used, Incense burner, Extension code used and old, School bag (s), Blanket used and old, Floor mat, Bamboo curtain(s), Safety shoe, used cloths, Fridge(SuperGeneral) used 230 Ltr., Wooden cupboard used, Kitchen utensils used, Wooden cupboard used, Glass frame used, wooden Table used, Plastic flowers, Bamboo curtain, Plastic flower, Printer used, VCR used, DVD used, Computer speaker used, Speaker used, Transformer used, Washing machine(small)( old and used), Carpet (s) used, Knife set used, Computer key board used, Plainer used, Welding equipment used, Tools used, Prayer mat, Tools used, Hair straightner used, Rice cooker used, Torch used, Table used (dismandled ), Quilt used, Cupboard lock used, Cordless phone used, Duplex phone used, Kitchen utensils used, Fax machine used, Printer used, Blanket old and used, Toilet stand used, Photo frame (new), Wooden chair, Washing Machine(Aftron) used, Filler& sealer, Amplifier used, Speaker used, Toy scooter used, Tools used, Door closer used, Tools used, cable, Jacket(s), Block plainer (used), Tools & Plumbing items, Safety shoe used, Jacket, Door closer used, Microwave oven used(s), Welding helmet used, Tools used, Dynamic Microphone, Cloths used, Amplifier used, Prayer mat, Plastic seal covering, Wire rolls, Used cloths, Prayer mat, Tools used, Prayer mat used, Carpet used, Revolving chair (used), Steel crockery stand used, Laptop | Due on 31-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Cement | Kerala | TID: 11321302
6 Supply of Cooler 500 Ltr Cap Chest Cooler. | Due on 05-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Cement | Kerala | TID: 11321936
7 Supply of Air Conditioner 1.5 T- Split Type. | Due on 29-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Cement | Kerala | TID: 11323489
8 Consultancy Services of Centralized Air Conditioning System For Ccr-Ii at Walayar. | Due on 30-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Other Metal Products | Kerala | TID: 11333534
9 Auction Sale of Fire/water/smoke damaged items, deli cook & serve set, air humidifier geemax mg1036, air humidifier geemax mg1136, air conditioner fedders lloyd as09fpa1, aquaneeta 10 inch water filter set, arta induction fry pan, audio system lg cm9730, audio system lg nb2030a, baking tray nora dolce nbwdrbt38, barbecue grill optima bbq1700, biriyani pot nora carina ncwcc26al, blender chopper inalsa kwik, blender inalsa robot300, blender morphy richards hbcd, blender optima bg360, blender optima sb300, blender philips hr1350, blender philips hr1361, blender siemens bp4510, blender westinghouse 1750gs, box fan optima fn30e, butterfly eco bottle ss2pcs, casserole nora allegra(medium) ncwac24gl, casserole nora allegra(mini) ncwac20gl, casserole nora allegra(mini) ncwac20gl, casserole nora bella(extra large) ncwbc28gl, casserole nora carina(medium) ncwcc24al, ceiling fan bajaj zoom, ceiling fan luminous joshbrown1200mm, ceiling fan passion ps95, ceiling fan vguard coronavx, ceiling fan vguard maxflo, chappathi maker talent, chimney evolution chc260conica, chimney faber 2740bk, chimney faber auraenergyltw60ss, chimney faber cleo700ltwbk, chimney faber glassy90ltw910ss, chimney faber mars60ltw850ss, chimney faber solaris790ltw60ss, chimney faber stiluxltw60, chimney faber tender60ltw, chimney faber tratto60ltw, chimney glen gl6054ss60, chimney glen gl6075ss60, chimney inalsa apex60, chimney longer diamond60, chimney planet classic60, chimney pure flames radiant90, chimney siemens lc32953, chopper hovels super, chopper philips hr1396/55, chopper westing house wkmcsp700, cloth steamer fedders lloyd flgs618b, cloth steamer optima gs1700, coffee maker havells crystal, coffee maker inalsa cafemax, coffee maker morphy richards cafericofilter, coffee maker philips hd7450, coffee maker westing house wkcm2021e, cook hob evolution p680mx, cook hob glen gl1066trglass, cook hob planet ghg604glass, cook top bajaj majcx15 3b, cook top faber ctg600ss, cook top glen 1021gtai, cook top longer wooden3bai, cook top planet cutie2b, cook top planet rotary4b, cook top planet slimline4bai, cook top planet solitaire2b, cook top planet spectrum3bai, cook top planet vega2b, cook top pureflames prism4b, cooker mismary 1.5l, cooking range faber passion black, cookware arta, cookware bajaj majesty(duo) 2 pcs, cookware butterfly kromakcp-1, cookware geemax combopack, cookware havells 2pcs, cookware prestige, deep fryer optima df2900, dvd player philips bdp3000, dvd player sony dvpsr760hpb, emergency lamp bpl l605, food processor optima fp700, food processor wresting house wkfsfs133, frypan nora allegra(extra large) ncwafp28, frypan nora allegra(jumbo) ncwafp30, gas stove bpl 7400, gas stove butterfly 2000adb, gas stove butterfly rhino2b, gas stove deo vesta, gas stove inalsa 2bdelight, gas stove inalsa 4bdezire, gas stove optima gb300, gas stove passion ps16, gas stove prestige eco2b, gas stove servo flame, grill optima gr1400, grill & griddle westing house wkcgdf9799, home theater lg bh6330h, home theater Panasonic xh70gw, home theater philips hsb2351, home theater sony davdz350, hot plate optima hp1500, induction cooker bajaj icx6wov, induction cooker evolve pearl02a, induction cooker geemax gic0999, induction cooker morphy richards xpress500, induction cooker mr.cook 20tc, induction cooker prestige pic1.0v2, induction cooker torque tq2535, induction cooker vguard vic1000, iron box bajaj dx7, iron box bajaj glider, iron box bajaj instalift, iron box bajaj mx1, iron box bajaj platinipx20i, iron box bajaj platinipx21i, iron box havells accura, iron box havells adore, iron box havells adore classic, iron box havells aspire, iron box havells jioheritage, iron box havells perfectpoint, iron box inalsa orchid, iron box kenstar di-0504, iron box khaitan flair, optima si1200, oster gcstdr2018, philips gc1010, philips gc138, planet daisy, preethi permaproaqua, sheffieldclassic sh9015, westing house whdis902, bajaj jx10jmg, extractor westinghouse wkfj8105a, havells endura2j, juicer morphy richards maximo, juicer optima citruscj25, juicer optima citruscj40, juicer optima je400, juicer optima je600, juicer panasonic mj68mwsp, juicer philips hl1632, juicer philips hr2771, juicer philips hr2775, juicer westinghouse wkjmgtp500, kettle bajaj cordless1l, kettle havells travelease0.5l, kettle havells vetro, kettle inalsa elba, kettle inalsa grace, kettle inalsa travel mate, kettle maharaja 172, kettle morphy richards instacook, kettle morphy richards optimo1l, kettle morphy richards voyager100, kettle optima ck2000, kettle westinghouse wkwkkm011gs, lcd fedders lloyd l19s, lcd haier l39z10a, lcd onida lo32xrgbg(32xrdbl), lcd philips 32pfl5609, lcd sony klv22bx350, led lg 22ln4105, led samsung ua32f4800, led sony kd55x9004, low moulted tin nora dolce30cm nbwdlft30, microwave oven faber 25lcgs, microwave oven optima mw2900, microwave oven panasonic nngf560mf, microwave oven whirlpool mw25bc, mixi bajaj gx03, mixi bajaj twister, mixi bajaj winner, mixi butterfl | Due on 31-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Non Classified | Kerala | TID: 11343423
10 Value: INR 8.17 Million (approx.) | Interior Furniture Air Conditioning & Electrical work. | Due on 31-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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